What would have happened if I hadn’t met you?

No lying about things that did not happen

No thinking I was better than what I was

No quitting a comfortable job

No dreaming of a life adventurous than what I was living

No moving to Bombay

No getting mauled by a drunk married boss

No losing sight of my ethics at work

No marathon weeping sessions thanks to work stress

No hurting, no breaking of hearts

No wishing and wanting for more

No sneaking around to hide from people

No feeling humiliated when told I was regretted

No envying when told about girlfriends on gtalk

No hating people who are close to you

No talking of ambitions under a wooden ceiling

No falling in love over and over again.

What did happen when I met you?

The only thing I remember now is the pain. Never again.

One Response to “Regret.”

  1. 1 Munchkin

    beautiful… i never thought my thoughts would be echoed !

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