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Some time in 1996, heavy rains were lashing Calcutta and I had just finished with my final exams. I was really disappointed that night since my dad had promised to take me out and get Michael Jackson’s History album. I remember watching TV and cursing the weather, when my dad came in and said ‘Do […]

Flashes of Light Rainy, rainy night Damp hair smelling of shampoo Apprehension But excitement. Red merchandise bag. Innova. Broken fiat taxi BBM Best friend. 8 months Finally. Cake. Old colleague. Farewell Oh Calcutta Awful Indian wine Vodka shots out of LSD glasses Seekh kebabs Strong hands Familiarity Yet strangeness The Beatles O Saathi Re Slow […]

Lighthouse Days


When I was 14 years old, we were posted in Visakhapatnam. I had a great group of friends and we would get burnt having spent all our time cycling, running around and walking in the hot sun. I remember how early in the morning, we would haphazardly grab some jam and cheese sandwiches, pump air […]

This has been the ideal weekend. The kind I enjoy and love spending. I am finishing up Albert Camus’ The Fall, watching Season 4 of Criminal Minds, watching the rain fall and catching a movie in the cinema hall. I will probably go for a run in the rains later. Perfect weekend. I am so […]

Be Glee-Ful


I love Glee. Here’s why. In the past couple months, American Television has been giving me much needed exultant high-spirited joy. I have never been as entertained as I am when watching some of my favorite TV shows which have come out of Uncle Sam’s TV broadcast industry. One of the shows that not only […]