Be Glee-Ful


I love Glee. Here’s why.

In the past couple months, American Television has been giving me much needed exultant high-spirited joy. I have never been as entertained as I am when watching some of my favorite TV shows which have come out of Uncle Sam’s TV broadcast industry.

One of the shows that not only captured my attention and interest, but also makes me watch the same episodes countless times is this funny musical jewel called Glee.  I remember watching the Pilot on a flight back from Bangkok and it was the only thing that kept me entertained and awake through hours of in-flight boredom. Since then, I have watched Season 1 in its entirety and I think you should consider watching too. Here’s why:

  1. The Music – Glee has had some pretty explosive musical numbers since day 1 and its musical library caters to each and every section of an audience. From Broadway classics to Jazz to Funk to Rock to Pop, the characters sing about their lives. Literally. But not in a boring fat lady in elaborate ball gown kind of way.  Listen to this version of Dream On sung by Matthew Morrisson and the redoubtable Neil Patrick Harris.

2. The Men – They may be playing high school students, but they are gorgeous. They sing! They play football! They are sensitive. Win-win. Case in point:

L-R: Finn, Shuester, Puck

Yeah. Thought so.

3. The Dialogues – Shows like Glee make me want to quit my day job, fly to Hollywood and become a TV writer. Or at least stalk one. The lines in Glee are spot on, witty and normal. They are lines spoken by us every day folk, but what makes it so amazing is they are spoken against this entire backdrop of CRAZY. The bantering between Sue and Schuester, Rachel’s self-obsessed speeches, Heather comical but vacuous statements, Santana’s snarky bites and Finn’s catty blink and you will miss her compassionate side lines make these characters even more endearing to watch.

4. The CRAZY – Glee has all those things I wish I had done in my life. It serves as escapist fantasy and I get to relive my school and college days all over again. From singing and dancing in the school library, to rocking out to Beyonce on the football field, from throwing eggs at rival glee club members to plotting against a certain teacher with immensely curly hair, from kids telling their flirtatious teachers to ‘GET A ROOM’ to wearing awesome Lady Gaga inspired costumes, from faking a pregnancy complete with faux baby bump to adults doling out weed to kids in wheelchairs, Glee has it all. My only grouse is that the only crazy shown as having neurosis on the show, comes across as weak and extremely annoying.

5. The relatable – Whether you are fat, gay, shy, popular, disliked, Glee has a character tailored for you. The characters are you, they aren’t shown as super humans and they strike a nice intriguing balance between the moral and the immoral.

6. The Feminism – ‘My growing Feminism will cut you.’ I have read in the media that Glee purports to depict its female characters negatively what with women faking pregnancies, women suffering from phobias, women being self-centric and overly ambitious and cheerleaders being mean and having sex, but there’s also the message those same reports refuse to see. The women are in control of their situations, they come out looking good against the men and they don’t really take things lying down.

The way I see it, Schuester’s wife fakes her pregnancy because she is afraid of losing her husband, Emma has her phobias but she also has empathy to her students and is finally starting to fight her issues, Rachel may be a diva but hell, listen to the girl sing and you know immediately she deserves to act obnoxious, her voice, although slightly campy, is strong and not very shouty unlike some of the Black singers today, and Santana, wow, she is a cheerleader, she is athletic, she can sing, she can dance, and yet have sex and NOT get pregnant at the same time.

Then there is Sue, the comical antagonist of the show who deservedly has the best lines of the show. Sue is evil, yet she has a softer side, she does care for those students in her own twisted way and I really wish I had a teacher like that when I was a kid. Would have made for some awesome childhood nightmares.  Sue knows what she wants, plots to get what she wants, and although her methods are questionable, it’s all about the destination, not the journey.

7. The Arts – I love music and film, I learnt the piano, I took some singing classes, minored in film. And then I went on to forget all about it because let’s face, it’s tough finding any opportunity in India. But Glee has brought that old sparkle back, I dusted off some of the old music books, banged out a few tunes on the piano, I sing loudly in the house these days, or in the bus, or in my head. I have started blogging again. Glee makes you fall in love with the Arts over and over again.

8. It’s so bloody entertaining – Growing up on a dose of saas – bahu insipid serials, and now been inundated by some of the reality crap on Indian TV makes you wonder if we as a people are really that dumb. Glee belongs to that brand television that keeps you entertained, long after the end credits have rolled in. It is entertaining and the break I so badly needed from all the crap I see on TV today.

Watch the trailer!

4 Responses to “Be Glee-Ful”

  1. Nice post! Even though you make a good case for Glee, I don’t like it one bit – it’s waaaaay too cheesy for me. In fact, I think the pic at the top of the post is somewhat ironic, they’re all making the classic loser ‘L’ – it really cracked me up. Each to their own I suppose, I’ve never been one for musicals, I just can’t relate to people bursting into song every few minutes.

    • 2 Tanushree

      Yes, I totally get where you’re coming from…but if you are familiar with the stuff that plays on Indian tv, Glee is critical acclaim and Emmy worthy thrice over in comparison!

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