Weekend Plans…(In other words, how I avoid going out clubbing.)


This has been the ideal weekend. The kind I enjoy and love spending. I am finishing up Albert Camus’ The Fall, watching Season 4 of Criminal Minds, watching the rain fall and catching a movie in the cinema hall. I will probably go for a run in the rains later. Perfect weekend.

I am so far relating to the character in The Fall. He speaks about public humiliation, his wanting to help other people in exchange for gratitude and general superiority. It’s an easy read, without huge paragraphs and warped convoluted sentences.

A quick note on Criminal Minds – as much as I like a good police procedural with the horrible crime scene and the nature of the crime itself, sometimes I lose patience with the amount of time it shows the bad guys doing things to their victims. I really wish they did a lot of justice to the gorgeous men who are part of the cast.

This evening, I am going for Aisha. I usually hate the bubblegum mindless genre of Bollywood films, but this seems to be an adaptation of a Jane Austen novel (not that I liked reading her much) and is also loosely based on Clueless. Now, Clueless I loved.

What are you doing for the weekend?

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