Michael Jackson.


Some time in 1996, heavy rains were lashing Calcutta and I had just finished with my final exams. I was really disappointed that night since my dad had promised to take me out and get Michael Jackson’s History album.

I remember watching TV and cursing the weather, when my dad came in and said ‘Do you promise to study hard and do well?’ And then he proceeded to give me something. It was History, the beautifully packaged Maroon double album. I was so excited and I immediately gave the cassettes a spin in our old player.

I heard all the songs again and again the following week. Growing up, Michael Jackson was the guy I listened to, I loved his cool. I loved his songs, his voice, his performances. And now, a year after his death, I am starting to feel the loss of someone who was undoubtedly one of the most talented, ubiquitous, pop culture contributor who ever lived. I am lucky to be part of a generation which was so blatantly yet proudly influenced by his musical gifts.

Michael Jackson’s music has been with me forever. My life has been defined by him and a year after, I keenly feel the loss Music has seen.

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  1. Michael Jackson the best pop singer ever…

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