Lend me your ears.



Take a deep breath.

And just chill.


It does not matter which religion or gym gets a piece of disputed land.

In any case, you don’t get to build your house there.

It does not matter whether the country’s Capital is all spruced for a sporting event.

Give it 5 months tops.

And you will ask what sporting event?

No one gives a damn whether our Government gets a pay hike by about 300%.

Oh, no.

We should worry about paying Rs 120 for a kilo of apples.

(Ten years ago, it was Rs 32.)

Not to forget the daily commute in hot, smelly, over crowded trains, buses.

And how can I miss out on collapsing infrastructure which lends itself nicely to many an ironical joke?

The truth is

The joke’s on us.

Ask not what your country can do for you.

Ask what you can do for your country.

‘So, vote!’ some smart ass is bound to comment on this post.

Well, my dear sir

I didn’t.

Vote that is.

Because apart from being a spectacular waste of time.

I do not see any value in waiting for years to see some sort of change.

Any sort of change.


And in my opinion

That simply won’t do.

This is after all, the age of technology.

The age of instant communication, creation, destruction, ideology.

Amazing how quickly we accept slow change

Yet our feet go tap tap tap if the guy ahead in the grocery line pays his bill with a million Sodexho coupons

Or maybe it’s just me.

But you know what I am saying.


Or maybe you think it is cool to argue with a rational opinion.

Hey, are you the guy who said

There is nothing wrong with the Times of India headline?

Because all it does is say the truth?

The truth that land gets allocated according to religion?

And aren’t you feeling holier than thou for saying it?

Truth is

It is people like you that are settling.

Settling for passable.

Dream. A little.

For what is change?

But our dreams taking flight?

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