I get by with a little help from my friends.


Once upon a time, I dreamt a dream. It was a funny dream. Ambitious, yet amusing.

It involved some drama and celebrities. It had good friends and hot sultry days in Bombay. There was Karl, Nadir, Toral, Zafar, Alyque, Rachel and Quasar.

In my dream, I was on stage. At the NCPA.

Looking up, as Quasar adjusted his beloved lighting gels.

Right at the light box.

Toral was calling out ‘Where are the glow tapes?’

Karl was keeping us all calm.

Nadir was flexing his muscles.

And looking sexy- hot.

But that’s neither here
nor there.

So anyway, there was Larina. Carrying the medicine bottles to the prop tables. Their green yellow red crystals catching the lights and glowing.

And I looked up, and felt pride. Pride on being a part of it all. Pride on never leaving theater, me a stage manager.

And in a flash, it was all gone. Karl moved to Canada. Quasar sold his car. It was the end of an era.

I joined the ranks of the faceless employed. And I forgot. Sort of.

I relived that experience time and time again, through mailers, Facebook updates, chats with Quasar.

But I never went back.


I will always be a stage manager at heart.

(After all, the best managers are nothing but stage hands.)

So, if you love theater as much as I do. Or even lesser. But I am really hoping that is not the case.

If you feel the Arts deserve a chance and that amazing people like Quasar and Toral deserve a bigger chance.


This is a request.

Please please become a Friend of Thespo.

My friends, Toral and Quasar and Karl and all those amazing people started Thespo for the youth to keep their love of the Arts alive. They could use your time and money to make Thespo an even bigger success.

More money than time, I will admit.

But regardless, all of you who visit this blog have cushy jobs. (Amen)

And it’s only Rs 2,000. With freebies. You get a t-shirt! Free tickets! Entertainment! And what’s Rs 2,000 really? A visit to a noisy pub comes to that much.

Yes, I am suggesting you give up on a couple beers. I will buy you a round, I swear.

So, please email thespo12@gmail.com saying that you are interested, and send us a cheque in the name of “Theatre Group – Play Thespo” and we will provide you with a FoT registration number, which you can quote when booking or collecting you tickets.

Trust me. It will feel good. And it won’t be a random charity thing. You get to attend the plays after all! So you can put yourself where your hard earned money is.

Thespo 12 will take place from the December 14 to December 17, 2010 at Prithvi theatre, Juhu and from the December 18 to December 19, 2010 at the NCPA.

In advance, my sincere gratitude for your help.

For one day, maybe my children will get to be real stage managers. And they will say thank you too.

Remember, thespo12@gmail.com and Rs 2,000 only!

Thank you.

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