This night


This mischievous night, so dark, so playful. Our night, the friend of the moon. He has come after such a long, long time. You do not need to light the lamp, there is comfort in the ignorant darkness.

Being best friends with the moon and the stars, this night has come alone after what seems like an eternity. No more thinking, extinguish all intellectuality. Let’s have a heartfelt conversation with the welcoming darkness now.

The night was miffed, and now he sits. In sorrow, being glum, he sits in the corner. Won’t you talk to him? For he has come all by himself after such a long, long time.

The other night is insane, and a little stubborn. She will bite, she will sting. She won’t take insults lying down. Yet, she’s best friends with the moon. I want to share a cup of tea with her, and tell her about heartbreak. I want to give her a hug, and break down crying.

He is such a part of me, he becomes my tears when I cry, each laughter line on my face traces a path back to him.

And every time I sit in the corner, feeling glum, he sits with me, silently apologizing.

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