Of Work and Other Things


What happened to the girl who 4 years ago said ‘I am not here to make friends?’

When did she lose sight of what’s really important?

Family. No matter how much they drive me insane with their constant squabbles and mean-ness, they are still mine. Mine to take care of, mine to keep happy, mine to love. And at peace.

I had a chance at something close to love and marriage and he blew it.

And maybe I will never really get over it.

So that 22 year old should now firmly remind the 26 year old ‘Really, your eyes are not on the target. Not here to make friends.’

So what if your weekends are spent watching TV shows, walking to the library, hanging out with your mom.

It’s okay to make sacrifices. Look at longing and jealousy at those around you who have it all.

For when you think about it, I have enough things to be grateful for. I should stop wanting anything more.

Except for amazing things in my career. That is most important.

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