Matters of my Heart (Short Story)


I looked up, a silent prayer of thanks on my lips. I could barely make out the blue of the sky, which was slowly being covered by grey – black clouds. I ignored it, knowing how the weather can change in a flash. Walking out of our bedroom, I went into the breakfast room, K already pouring me a cup of tea. Almost ten years of being together, of finally making it, and he’s still pouring me tea. I smiled at him, as I quietly sat down, the rustle of the newspaper as he went straight for the movies section. I know he misses the excitement sometimes, the thrill he got before a movie released, and every day, I am grateful he chose to stay and fight for us.

As he passes me my cup, I catch him wincing slightly. It’s funny how I know all his mannerisms so every time I see something untoward, I know something is wrong.

Funny how love creates all these red flags.

What’s the matter? I ask.

Nothing I think. I have been having this sharp ache in my chest. He says while rubbing the spot. It’s been paining ever since I got back from swimming last night.

Immediately, catch my breath and look directly at him.

How bad is it? I worry.

Don’t worry, he says. It’s probably nothing. Something I ate. I’ll be fine.

Back home after work, it’s almost 10 pm and he isn’t fine. He didn’t go for his usual swim, he’s looking every of his 40 years. And his breathing has turned heavy and shallow. He complains the ache has spread to his entire chest and feels like a heavy vehicle constantly making circles.

I am very scared.

Let’s go to the ER, K. I insist.

I drive.

Woman, slow down. At this rate, I will die of a heart attack in the car if you take another sharp turn like the one you just took.

I smile. He reaches out and gives my hand a quick comforting squeeze.

At the ER, we are immediately met by a technician who proceeds to take an EKG. I am allowed to watch. As the technician looks at the graph, the machine K is hooked to bleeps. One bleep. Then two. Then three. And then, K suddenly falls back with a moan and everything explodes.

Someone hustles me out, the blue curtains are being drawn, I hear shouts, someone in a clear voice is asking what happened.

I can’t cry. I can’t think. All I can do is watch him, love and concern in my eyes. He is beloved to me.

Then the curtains are drawn, I can see him hooked up to a myriad of machines, breathing through an oxygen tube.

Our days together fill my mind. A moonlit smile, clasped hands, midnight tours to ancient ruins, a kiss on the cheek, watching boats on the river, the day when he came to me.

The doctor tells me K suffered a heart attack. It’s not serious. He says.

I want to ask him how can a heart attack not be serious.

As I walk in, K’s eyes open.

I am an old man, my love. He whispers.

That makes me your old wife, K. I laugh.

He looks at me.

This thing, this thing always beat for you. You know that, don’t you.

I grin, fighting for self control, for restraint.

Don’t get all mush on me. I say.

Our hands interlock, our wedding bands glint. He smiles his quiet smile. I brush my hand over his forehead. My answering smile already forming in my heart.

Funny how love can see us through.

3 Responses to “Matters of my Heart (Short Story)”

  1. 1 Raphael Bluewolf

    “Funny how love can see us through.” .. Amen !
    Very nice telling story… really beautiful .

  2. Sweet that was! Keep writing!

  3. Very beautifully written, with a Happy Ending for a change 🙂

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