27 Years of this life


From the day I turned 26 last year,

the friends at the Birthday table have changed.

One of them from the previous table is getting married.

I traveled to Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam.

The one great love dumped me via text.

And got married to someone else.

I gave Bangalore a whirl, made a mess and came back to Bombay.

I moved to Singapore thanks to a career.

I fell in love with someone over meals in Chinatown and walks to the MRT station.

He hurt me and I moved on.

Although the love, it will always be there.

I made some close friends at work in Singapore.

My Facebook profile now has friends from Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, France, England, the US, Bangladesh, Australia, Japan.

I wear skirts and shorts without fear of recrimination or eve teasing.

It helps to earn in dollars, especially when you convert to INR on a shopping trip in Bombay.

We mourned for the tragedies in Japan and Bombay.

I found a strong amazing female mentor.

My new nail polish of choice is black.

Three of the people I thought would always stay married went through a divorce.

I rediscovered my love for running.

And discovered my leadership skills.

X-Men came back with a powerful prequel.

I am now on highly civil behavior with the ex.

It can only get better from here.





4 Responses to “27 Years of this life”

  1. If you’ve managed all that in 27 yrs. Imagine what it will be like 27 years from now?

  2. Cool it is. Life’s so full of experiences, as I call them. Not mistakes, just lessons. I have had my share and am a wise cookie today. 🙂

  3. 3 raj

    nice !!! liness

  4. I’m hitting that milestone in two months. I guess I’d take a cue from you and make up my own list. Your list is impressive

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