27 Years of this life


From the day I turned 26 last year,

the friends at the Birthday table have changed.

One of them from the previous table is getting married.

I traveled to Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam.

The one great love dumped me via text.

And got married to someone else.

I gave Bangalore a whirl, made a mess and came back to Bombay.

I moved to Singapore thanks to a career.

I fell in love with someone over meals in Chinatown and walks to the MRT station.

He hurt me and I moved on.

Although the love, it will always be there.

I made some close friends at work in Singapore.

My Facebook profile now has friends from Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, France, England, the US, Bangladesh, Australia, Japan.

I wear skirts and shorts without fear of recrimination or eve teasing.

It helps to earn in dollars, especially when you convert to INR on a shopping trip in Bombay.

We mourned for the tragedies in Japan and Bombay.

I found a strong amazing female mentor.

My new nail polish of choice is black.

Three of the people I thought would always stay married went through a divorce.

I rediscovered my love for running.

And discovered my leadership skills.

X-Men came back with a powerful prequel.

I am now on highly civil behavior with the ex.

It can only get better from here.




4 Responses to “27 Years of this life”

  1. 1 Winslie Gomez

    If you’ve managed all that in 27 yrs. Imagine what it will be like 27 years from now?

  2. Cool it is. Life’s so full of experiences, as I call them. Not mistakes, just lessons. I have had my share and am a wise cookie today. 🙂

  3. 3 raj

    nice !!! liness

  4. I’m hitting that milestone in two months. I guess I’d take a cue from you and make up my own list. Your list is impressive

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