A walk along the Fullerton Marina


Sometimes I like my own company.  I go for a run today, followed by an impulsive decision to catch a bus to One Fullerton. I get off the bus, walk to a Starbucks, order a Mango and Passionfruit juice-thing, and walk around. I strolled to the Merlion, spewing water out of his mouth. He looks so tired keeping his mouth open while tourists mill around taking pictures of all that water gushing out. Then I walk along the marina, icy cold juice in hand, watching all the tourists take pictures. To my right, I can see the Singapore flyer, the Marina Bay Sands hotel, a rather odd architectural design that looks like two columns of square lights support one huge ship at the top, and of course, the Fullerton Bay hotel. The panorama reminds me how small Singapore is. Yet I love it so.

I take a picture, sending it to K. He will appreciate it. I then walk some more, to the Esplanade, happy to see a billboard advertising Shakespeare’s Richard starring Kevin Spacey. I hope my fascination for Hollywood never ends.

As I take in the sights around me, the skies light up with blue and red strobe lights, all coming from the Marina Bay Sands hotel. There is some sort of dancing fountain in the distance, complete with fiery explosions and a collective gasp of amazement from the crowd. It doesn’t inspire any feeling in me – it’s just another forced man made thing of interest.

When I turn back, I see a lone tourist politely ask someone to take his photo against the backdrop of lit up sky. I immediately feel sorry for him, being all alone on a Saturday. I then remember, I am alone too.

I begin my walk towards the bus stop, looking at girls waiting to get into the exclusive clubs and bars. I look at their beautifully shod feet, in towering heels, hanging out with their boyfriends, lovers, husbands, friends. A hen party goes by, in a giggle perfumed filled haze. The bride to be looks slightly annoyed and completely ridiculous in a bubblegum feather boa and a white plasticy shiny sash that says ‘The Bride.’ I silently wish her luck.

The bus arrives, and I look back one last time. The twinkling lights continue with their shine, giving all those tourists along the marina many photo opportunities.


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  1. “To say “I love you” one must first be able to say the “I.”” ~ Ayn Rand

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