Lonely but not really.



Lately, I have been not trying to fill up my days with company. I feel no emotional connection to any one, I have probably hurt and angered a lot of people because of my aloofness. The thing is, I am happier this way. Being a recluse suits me.

2 Responses to “Lonely but not really.”

  1. I have been blogging for nearly four years now and it baffles me that I hadn’t come upon your blog earlier. This troubles me because I am constantly on the lookout for bloggers whose words I could relate to, with an emphasis on those from Assam.

    I love your writing. Being a fellow and somewhat erratic recluse, I can vouch for the joys that comes with it. Clearer thoughts, respite from information overload, brushing dust off the ‘to-read’ pile of books, gallivanting through unknown paths, better appreciation of things that matter and a sense of quiet that is calming…Being a recluse does have its perks that outweighs the opinions people form of one’s aloofness. So, enjoy the phase.

  2. I guess most of us can relate to this blog post a lot. There is always this phase where we try to stay aloof, cutting all form of social contact with even your closest of friends.

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