The ballerinas and unknown fauna of Sydney


I just got back from a vacation in Sydney and I came back with some ideas and thoughts on what I want to do. More on that later though.

My parents had accompanied me and here are some moments when they made a new friend amongst the beauty of Australia.


Here’s my father looking intently at a seagull. Seagulls were called ballerinas of the sky in some poem. I need to look up which one. We were enjoying the cool crisp sea breeze at Darling harbor when suddenly this guy swooped in to eat a quick bug.


My mother feeds a young Joey at Featherdale National Park. She loved the experience – the word Kangaroo is an Aboriginal word that means ‘I don’t know.’ When colonial settlers first came to Australia, they could not identify such a unique form of wildlife, so they kept saying ‘I don’t know’. However take this story with a pinch of salt since a random guy told me this on a bus.

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