Adele’s Skyfall


I am not sure if the video will embed correctly via my Nexus but here’s hoping. Reading all those reviews about what a great song Adele’s Skyfall is (I mean come on, reviews were written based on a 90 second clip, crazy right) I was looking forward to listening to the song myself. And I really hoped it would be a great song – Adele’s smoky voice capable of such emotional narration is just indefinable.

But, but and I am no song critic but given the previous two Bond outings starring Daniel Craig, I had these thoughts:

• I was sadly underwhelmed

• I was expecting a song of lost love, of betrayal and anger (Bond’s girlfriend turned out to be a traitor and broke his heart something neither Alicia Keys nor the guy who sang You Don’t Know My Name captured)

•Adele sings it beautifully, make no mistake but this isn’t her – there was no militant anger, no plaintive weeping, no shouting to the man who leaves.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying a great Adele song is only about heartbreak – I was excited to know someone who is a modern Feminist was asked to sing for a decidedly male driven world. She could have done so much more given the opportunity. Also, it reminded me too much of Rolling in the Deep. The almost chanting chorus and the disjointed verses – when you constantly repeat what won for you previous times, it just turns into a gimmick and falls flat.

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