Alamak, no taxi only!


Singapore taxis are a species by themselves. When you absolutely die-die want one, they are whizzing past, mysteriously occupied. 

When you don’t want one, their waiting queues can reach up to 3 blocks.

They change shifts during rush hour and amazingly, none of them want to leave the business district between 6-7 pm. 

They inexplicably cancel bookings without even a by your leave. 

And some can’t wait beyond 2 mins. One called me to complain about my lack of humanity because I exercised my right to cancel a booking (dude was 10 mins away as compared to his assured 3 mins) 

None of the booking apps serve their purpose in the mornings. 

Anyway, I find such behavior rather odd. I like chatting with the driver uncles and have experienced their kindness first hand. They have offered me music CDs, practiced and corrected my fledgling Mandarin with me, shared jokes, the history of this amazing island nation, forced lozenges on me when I have had a bad throat. They helped me move homes. I’ve met a former head of sales for Samsung who was let go and now drives taxis, and a former policeman. (and such a gentleman)

For every one awful experience with this strange species, the great memories are countless. They take pride in service and I sense honor. I wanted to rant this morning, but upon reminiscing, I’ve come away humbled.

Now if only they could comply and give me a break in the mornings!


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