My First Chinese – Singaporean Wedding Lunch!


In the 2+ years I have been in Singapore, I haven’t been to a single Chinese wedding, or any wedding if you want to get pedantic. Which I usually get.

Shaun and Sofie very kindly sent me this cute young invite to their wedding lunch:


I was really excited to be invited and I could not stop talking about anything else. These were some of the conversations I had over the past month, ever since I found out about the wedding:

My boss: ‘T, I want you to do xyz.’

Me: ‘OK! By the way, what should I wear to Shaun’s wedding?’


A friend: ‘Hey, I am going through xyz and life is difficult right now’

Me: ‘OK! You know what’s difficult? Choosing appropriate attire for Shaun’s wedding!’


Old college pal: ‘I am going on a road trip! I am so excited!’

Me: ‘Nothing is more exciting than going to Shaun’s wedding!’


So there you have it. Fortunately, my friends and office colleagues understood the background so I got away with this. But seriously. I have been really excited.

The day before the wedding lunch, I had managed to really stress myself out over what I was going to wear.  On the day, I threw on a blue dress from Dorothy Perkins with simple gold round earrings and the Indian in me felt vastly undressed. But as long as I wasn’t underfed, right?

A month ago, I decided to make use of the Chinese New Year discounts and bought Shaun and Sofie a lovely serving dish with intricate designs on it. Cut to 4 weeks later, when I was told it is tradition to give ‘red packets’ as wedding presents. Basically, red packets are money placed in red, Chinese envelopes and usually they are to cover the cost of the meal you have been invited to. If my understanding is correct, then wow, the Chinese are can make even a romantic wedding seem hard core business.

Meal payments aside, the lunch spread was delicious. I had some mutton redang with rice and beautiful sweet and sour fish. And the wedding favors were so cute!


By the way, how hot are the men in my office? They were all smouldering in this picture to look like Tom Cruise.


The cake (which wasn’t served when I was there, boo hoo) looked pretty and I really really wanted to have a bite. I love cake. Any cake.

DSC00177Us gorgeous smart, intelligent women from the office! Really, they are the sweetest people with a myriad mix of interesting personalities.

DSC0019020 years from now, I will be telling my kids, when I was young, we used to have these mobile phones which we used to just love.

DSC00186DSC00188Of course, the customary group shot with the bride and groom!

DSC00183DSC00182Much good luck and best wishes to the newly married couple!

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