Star Trek into Darkness – My Top Moments



This post might contain spoilers so all you spoiler naysayers, take note.

Are you gone?

Last chance.

Okay, shall we begin?

I had my first taste of Star Trek when I was about 11 years old; I happened to watch an episode called Galaxy’s Child from Star Trek: The Next Generation. While I thought all the science and tech displayed in the show was seriously cool, I could not wrap my head around the show’s moral themes, (the crew spent 20 mins in the episode trying to figure out to not harm a creature draining the Enterprise of all its power and therefore leading to potential death of the entire crew) – I watched it and my eyes bugged out, and my brain was saying wow cool tech BUT boring story. And that was that.

But when JJ Abram’s Star Trek came out in 2009, I watched it no less than 5 times and fell irrevocably in love with his cinematic vision of Star Trek. And of course the fanboy squeal folks might have heard over in LA was me shouting with glee when I heard the news JJ Abrams would be directing the new Star Wars.

I was a little wary of Star Trek into Darkness not being awesome enough (I watched Iron Man 3 a couple weeks ago and came away sadly underwhelmed) –  but, I can tell you this – I have just returned from a midnight screening of Star Trek into Darkness at IMAX and my mind. My mind is blown. Absolutely blown. It was one of the best pieces of film making I have ever seen.

Of course, in the taxi ride home, some niggling doubts did creep in but I will deal with those another time. I just want to bask in the warmth of this Star Trek and remember the top 10 moments I absolutely loved.

  1. Spock looks up to see a huge wave of volcanic fire and lava about to descend on him. Scene cuts to The Enterprise. He looked so tiny, it was gorgeous, all that golden yellow lava and fire lapping at the screen.
  2. The primitive inhabitants drawing a picture of The Enterprise and starting to worship it. I kept thinking of 2001: A Space of Odyssey during this scene and I really hope those primitive creatures get a chance to evolve into a major civilization.
  3. Sulu in the Captain’s chair. Man, John Cho is hot. Why isn’t he in more blockbuster films? Also, he makes a badass sexy captain.
  4. The first time we see Benedict Cumberbatch appear on screen. A cold, handsome face with a hint of the cruelty underneath. A heck of an entrance really.
  5. When Uhura goes to speak to the Klingons. Zoe Saldanha is such a lovely actress; why isn’t she in more films?
  6. All the futuristic tech. Some of it is tough for me to buy, but hovering cars, real time displays, proton laced warheads…the future can’t get here fast enough.
  7. The first time we see The Enterprise in all its glory, against the musical theme of the film.
  8. Spock in tears. Although it did take Kirk dying of radiation poisoning.
  9. All the clever little Easter eggs to previous shows and movies.
  10. Kirk saving his crew with a weak kick to the core, even though he was dying.
  11. BONUS: Simon Pegg as Scotty. Funny, with so much charm. I need to date him.

I am definitely going to watch this again.

One Response to “Star Trek into Darkness – My Top Moments”

  1. Haha! That was funny indeed. So you did have a splendid time at the movies then, didn’t you? 😛

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