When I thought we were all going to die.


I swear, I am not being dramatic or trying to act cute. Due to forest clearing in Indonesia, all the smoke was blown towards Singapore. Long story short, the pollutants in the air crossed the hazardous mark, I was sick with shortness of breath and I dreamed of fresh oxygen. I was also frightened and worried for my parents, both of whom have heart conditions.


There’s nothing out there. Nothing in the mist.
What if you’re wrong?
Then I guess…the joke will be on me after all.

– The Mist


No, that isn’t a romantic dreamy picture of Singapore being gently enveloped by mist and clouds. It is the adverse effect of major dangerous air pollution – the kind that made me gasp for breath and my lungs scream. For fuck’s sake, please treat this planet with love, kindness and respect.

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