Robin Thicke – Confusing me with his song


I will admit I am very confused.

I heard two songs the past couple days. One of them was about sex. No surprise there. It was nasty, with terrible degrading lyrics, disrespectful to women. The video had topless women who Wikipedia claims are super models, lolling around (on a side note, I don’t understand why women, super model or otherwise agree to these things. They can’t be that cash starved, I get the pride of their own bodies, that sort of thing, but topless in a video for a horrible anti-women song. Really ladies.) The dude claimed he had something big enough to ‘tear your ass in two.’ Like I said, nasty.

The other song, was gentle and mournful. As I listened to it repeatedly, it settled into my soul. It was a loving tribute to Whitney Tribute and the video was understated and classy. The ending especially, the focus on the Billboard and then the whispered ‘thank you’ – it was just lovely.

Now, I am confused. How can one man, who sings the gut wrenching, musical and touching version of Waiting to Exhale also sing a jarring song like Blurred Lines? Oh Mr Robin Thicke, if only I could ask you this directly.

I heard Blurred Lines before I heard his version of Waiting to Exhale, therefore I guess the surprise (shock?) was greater. In the interest of full disclosure however, I am ashamed to admit I find Blurred Lines to be catchy. And I can boogie to it, but my brain melts when I start paying attention to the lyrics. Sigh.

I won’t link to Blurred Lines but here’s his version of Waiting to Exhale. Give this beautiful performance a chance.

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