Things I have learned traveling solo for work

  1. All hotel rooms start looking the same at the 5th hotel mark.
  2. All cities look the same too. No matter whether it is Singapore or Kuala Lumpur.
  3. You get into easy conversations with taxi drivers. And learn more about them than the person next to you on a 12 hour flight.
  4. Meals become a memory. You eat only when you remember to.
  5. All metros and public transportation across the world look similar. You will never fumble while buying a metro card and you will feel a tiny bit condescending to the tourist who looks scared of the shiny ticket machines.
  6. You can complete airline check in processes in 10 minutes (at any given day, I kid you not)
  7. Google Maps is your friend. Your smartphone is your BFF.
  8. Travel will never be romanticized. To you, travel is a way of life. You will have zero expectations for making new friends on a flight, or falling in love with a hot Latino in Ibiza.
  9. You will know every detail of your data plan. And by every, every byte of data – you know what it’s costing you. And there will be the noob times when your phone bill (mostly from data) can rent you an apartment for a month.
  10. Every time you return home, you leave a small part of you behind. It can be a memory, a currency note, a laptop charger converter.

One Response to “Things I have learned traveling solo for work”

  1. Touche! So true

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