Beloved – Redux/Edited


Beloved —

May this day never end


Come, this day will be preserved in time

Let us race behind the sun rays

May we never touch those shadows

Oh beloved.


The tired sun will pass over the waters of the river

If your feet move over those green plains, you shall slip


But wait, I shall cast a net

You hold it by the back, I will lend a hand

And the day will never end.


You and I and our quarrels

We forgive with a touch of our lips

Never, never leave

Oh beloved.


Sometimes, think about this —

I will scold and you pretend at fear

Heavy eyes lead to false tears

and when it begins to feel all bitter

we will let it go


You and I together always

There really is no other state


We are joined, in body, with our souls

Together, we will lead.

Oh darling. Beloved, may the day never end

May the shadows never touch you.


Oh beloved.

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