Wading Through with You


Friends gasp and say I should be your enigma

That I should be mysterious and not give anything away

They advise me to hold all my cards close to my chest

They mean well, they follow their rules


What they should know is, I have stopped being an idea

I have stopped blindly climbing over hills and wading through knee deep streams

I have stopped being what the world says I must be

I have stopped the sophistication and I have peeled away a thousand layers of skin deep nonsense


What my friends should know is, I give myself willingly to you

I kneel, and yet I am strong

I surrender, but I haven’t lost

I offer you my mortal belongings

And I offer you my future


If that is too much, if you are unable to grasp the concept

Let me just say this; I was not who I am now

And if you stay, I will be who I am today.


So will you lead me over the hills and wade through streams with me?

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