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There some things you don’t question.Such as traveling to another city based on a hunch.Or bullying an almost total stranger to pick you up on reaching.You don’t ask ‘Is this okay?’ when said stranger becomes your only friend and laughs at your jokes. Well, almost all.And you don’t hesitate to shamelessly flirt with him, on […]

I am not hopeless in Math I can clear an exam on my own merit I do have peseverance I am capable of studying hard, sincerely. Therefore, it's GMAT time. Time to walk down hallowed halls. Time to tell the world – do not write me off yet. Sent on my BlackBerry® from Vodafone Essar

Popular Culture


Popular Culture has never had it this good in these past few days. Here’s a quick sampling of the movies, books, TV shows, and music I have been either watching, reading, or listening to, and I urge you to take a dekko yourself. More on these later, I promise! TV Shows: Bones: (Source: Wikipedia) The […]

Chandan Roy Sanyal, 27, is a theatre director, as well as one the main supporting actors in the upcoming Vishal Bharadwaj starrer ‘Kaminey.’ Known for his productions with Q Theater Productions, he is currently involved in directing the Bertolt Brecht play, Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny. It begins its run from July […]

On Adam Lambert


This year’s season of American Idol was apparently the lowest rated season ever in the history of the Idol franchise. Which frankly, surprised me. Although I latched onto this year’s Idol rather late, (when they had narrowed the number of contestants to 4) I realized (and quickly) why this season would be different. American Idol […]

With all the uproar, drama, and theatrics that the Great Indian Politics Circus is known for, we came to the end of yet another historic show. Bloggers and the Twitterati have all proclaimed their views on social media marketing and its influence on the rise and fall of the Politician, all the news channels have […]