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Once, in Calcutta, on our way back home from school, I was chilling with my fellow cab mates when the oldest of them had this sudden idea to narrate a joke. I don’t remember what the joke was after all these years. But I do remember it warranted her suddenly slapping me. Right across my […]

Since everyone is putting in their two cents on what they thought about Love Aj Kal, I cannot be outdone: I thought Deepika Padukone wasn’t so bad as Raja Sen made her out to be. While this is not definitely her best work yet according to Taran Adarsh, she did make her character rather believable. […]

Growing older is hitting closer home. An old school friend recently got married and I got pwnd as the loved one says. I found out through Facebook that AB has been tagged in an album named ‘Wedding.’ So I click on it because I love to see wedding pictures of people I have no idea […]

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Ever since I have taken to Twitter with a vengeance, I have also stopped being somewhat of a recluse. Yes, ironically, the internet has been done some very Botox like wonders for my social life and sense of self. Wanting to continue in this vein of awesomeness, I gave into a friend’s insistence, and before […]

The Hangover: The funniest movie I have seen in a really long time. Road trips and getting drunk are made out to be synonyms of cool. Hollywood, nothing compares to you. Rains in Mumbai and the ensuing media frenzy: Roads Blocked! Death By Electrocution! 3. Mumbai Submerged! La di dah. Headline copy can’t get any […]