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When you look at me, it feels like we are in our own private conversation. Everything around us ceases. It’s just you and me. And when you disapprove, it feels like my heart is breaking, it hurts too much. And everything around us seems so overwhelming. I want to say I am sorry. For being […]


Just when I thought you were different, you would never shout, or be malicious, or non-understanding. You say something that cuts like a whip, deeply and very painfully.

Love Story 2


How is it that even though you are talking to someone else, hands playing around with your smartphone, laughing at someone else’s jokes, how is it that when you are doing all those things, and I walk by, not even looking over at you, that I feel the warmth of your smile, and the lingering […]

Love Story


How was your day? He asks. It was the usual. I mumble. Really? What did you do? He persists. I look up, annoyed. Our eyes meet. His brown warm gaze sends a thrill straight to my heart. I hear rainfall. I hear a Chinese family argue loudly. I hear the rumble of the train. His […]



When I was younger, I watched my friend shatter as she started a long tough battle with clinical depression. I could not handle the pressure of being there for her, and I may be judged as being a horrible friend, but I could not deal with the aimless crying, the constant tears, the letting go […]

Once upon a time, I dreamt a dream. It was a funny dream. Ambitious, yet amusing. It involved some drama and celebrities. It had good friends and hot sultry days in Bombay. There was Karl, Nadir, Toral, Zafar, Alyque, Rachel and Quasar. In my dream, I was on stage. At the NCPA. Looking up, as […]

Lighthouse Days


When I was 14 years old, we were posted in Visakhapatnam. I had a great group of friends and we would get burnt having spent all our time cycling, running around and walking in the hot sun. I remember how early in the morning, we would haphazardly grab some jam and cheese sandwiches, pump air […]