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Close your eyes and listen to this: Where are you? In the Harlem of the 1950s, girls in black evening dresses and ruby red lipstick, heads tipped backwards as their laughs mingle with the blue smoke rising out of glass ashtrays? Okay, now close your eyes and listen to this: Are you in […]

Sometimes, without warning, despair and this sharp sense of missing you strikes. And then I have to stop whatever it is I am doing at the moment and just focus to will the pain away. And then when it abates for a while, I am left with acute loneliness and a hollow heart. Yet, hope […]

My family consists of a bunch of collectors. My dad collects books on missile systems and recipes, my middle sister collects old love letters from heartbroken boyfriends and dusty tacky figurines they insist on giving as gifts, my youngest sister collects art material like crayons and canvasses; I collect books, pens and cables, while my […]

Though my soul may set in darkness, it shall rise in perfect light, I have loved the stars too fondly, to be fearful of the night.

Much has been said about Indian Public Health Care after the recent swine flu break out. Although I haven’t yet contracted the disease, or met someone who has, and therefore haven’t had to go to a government hospital for testing, I can safely say that my experiences with public hospitals have never been negative. When […]