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Once, in Calcutta, on our way back home from school, I was chilling with my fellow cab mates when the oldest of them had this sudden idea to narrate a joke. I don’t remember what the joke was after all these years. But I do remember it warranted her suddenly slapping me. Right across my […]

Love Story 4


‘If I tell you, do you promise not to freak out?’ He nods silently, his hair gently rustled by the wind. I look away and look back right at him. And what I see steals my breath away. His dark intent gaze looks straight at me, makes me feel we are the only two people […]



I was half asleep when I received that one text message bidding me goodbye. All I felt at that time was a faint sense of annoyance, rejection, and strangely relief. And when I found out (as usual, through someone else), that he had gotten himself engaged (and soon married), I probably cried just for the […]

When you look at me, it feels like we are in our own private conversation. Everything around us ceases. It’s just you and me. And when you disapprove, it feels like my heart is breaking, it hurts too much. And everything around us seems so overwhelming. I want to say I am sorry. For being […]


Just when I thought you were different, you would never shout, or be malicious, or non-understanding. You say something that cuts like a whip, deeply and very painfully.

This night


This mischievous night, so dark, so playful. Our night, the friend of the moon. He has come after such a long, long time. You do not need to light the lamp, there is comfort in the ignorant darkness. Being best friends with the moon and the stars, this night has come alone after what seems […]



When I was younger, I watched my friend shatter as she started a long tough battle with clinical depression. I could not handle the pressure of being there for her, and I may be judged as being a horrible friend, but I could not deal with the aimless crying, the constant tears, the letting go […]