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Love Story 4


‘If I tell you, do you promise not to freak out?’ He nods silently, his hair gently rustled by the wind. I look away and look back right at him. And what I see steals my breath away. His dark intent gaze looks straight at me, makes me feel we are the only two people […]

I looked up, a silent prayer of thanks on my lips. I could barely make out the blue of the sky, which was slowly being covered by grey – black clouds. I ignored it, knowing how the weather can change in a flash. Walking out of our bedroom, I went into the breakfast room, K […]

Love Story 2


How is it that even though you are talking to someone else, hands playing around with your smartphone, laughing at someone else’s jokes, how is it that when you are doing all those things, and I walk by, not even looking over at you, that I feel the warmth of your smile, and the lingering […]

Love Story


How was your day? He asks. It was the usual. I mumble. Really? What did you do? He persists. I look up, annoyed. Our eyes meet. His brown warm gaze sends a thrill straight to my heart. I hear rainfall. I hear a Chinese family argue loudly. I hear the rumble of the train. His […]

She can’t sleep. Every time her eyes close, images flit across, like a movie. The temper in his eyes, the raised voice, the stares of the other people. And then the audio track runs. ‘You mock me.’ ‘No respect for my time.’ ‘Pushing all my buttons.’ She turns over, all restless. And then an older […]

She occasionally stares out the window; the store logos in the corner of her eye. She watches the yellow and black autos line up at the signal crossing, resembling lady bugs, she thinks, only with different colors. In the distance, tall eucalyptus trees give off their evening scent. The air is heavy and it makes […]