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Sometimes after a client meeting, I walk back to work. Many of our media agencies and advertisers have offices in the Central Business District, mostly within walkable distance to our office tower. During the day, some of the walks are on quite lovely routes.

In the 2+ years I have been in Singapore, I haven’t been to a single Chinese wedding, or any wedding if you want to get pedantic. Which I usually get. Shaun and Sofie very kindly sent me this cute young invite to their wedding lunch: I was really excited to be invited and I could […]

Singapore taxis are a species by themselves. When you absolutely die-die want one, they are whizzing past, mysteriously occupied.  When you don’t want one, their waiting queues can reach up to 3 blocks. They change shifts during rush hour and amazingly, none of them want to leave the business district between 6-7 pm.  They inexplicably […]

Late night bus rides help me think, especially when I am stuck with a problem. Letting someone else do the driving while I stare unseeing out the window, hardly stopping for little or no fellow riders – the world turns. And it is therapeutic. To all Singaporean bus drivers who can teach us a thing […]

So true!


What an amazing country. Takes bicycle thievery very seriously. I love it here.



What a beautiful scene.