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Chiffons and cottons All float away neatly Into little packaged boxes As the clarion call of the friend arrives Hurry up please it’s time We are flying away to the land The sacred feminine awaits The mortal feminine awaits Waiting watching big birds zoom past In small groups in big groupspeople known people unknown Melodies […]


We say we are nothingthat we are beyond painnothing matters, no one is important How much further can you lie to yourself? Stop it Stop it Stop it Stop it Stop it Stop it Stop it Stop it Stop it .

Thanks Munma!


Why can’t relationships have expiry tags?We would never have to throw them awayor use them much lateror even suffer from emotion-poisoning.We’d be healthy human beings!

Car fumes mixed with the heady scent of the pine forest The house was nothing extra ordinary There were no sprawling estates Or guarded by jealous liveried man servants There was a column of steep, moss colored stairs Fighting hearts to escape And memories of books words and whatnot Against my fingertips Throbbing breathing memories […]

To the Capital


Salute o Capital You are no island No pearl But your paths speak volume As imposing red stones Sit pretty, warming the old station road And the clouds shine like gold