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This reminded me of a rather bulky spaceship. And they swim incredibly fast. Once, one of these deadly but ethereally gorgeous creatures stung my baby sister. She didn’t stop bawling for hours. Poor kid.



This angel fish belonged to a colleague of mine. Unfortunately, Lumpy the fish developed a rather cancerous tumor in the shape of a lump (hence the moniker). He passed away a month ago but he was quite a brave little fish. He battled on longer than we expected. Lump aside, he was quite a gorgeous […]

Every time I watch the very handsome Christopher Plummer choke through these words, I cry. I would like to sing for you now . . . a love song. I know you share this love. I pray that you will never let it die.

I am not ashamed to admit I sobbed like my heart was breaking when Mufasa, Emperor of the Pride Lands fell to his death, pushed by that awful Scar. And my 9 year old heart did break. It was one of the saddest things I had ever experienced. So when my 26 year old self […]

Once upon a time, I dreamt a dream. It was a funny dream. Ambitious, yet amusing. It involved some drama and celebrities. It had good friends and hot sultry days in Bombay. There was Karl, Nadir, Toral, Zafar, Alyque, Rachel and Quasar. In my dream, I was on stage. At the NCPA. Looking up, as […]

God, I have such wonderful friends. Because they tell ex-boyfriends – Dude stop fucking around with T or I will kick your ass. Really, word for word. Then, they turn to you and say – Dude, stop mooning over him. Get a life. Nicely of course. They also send you birthday cakes even when it’s […]

I had the busiest weekend I have had in years. I am going to skip the cold bits (spent in Delhi) and skip right to the warm Bombay fun bits. The night before, the family was all dressed up and looking sharp: The lady in black is my mom. She looks like she bit into […]

Close your eyes and listen to this: Where are you? In the Harlem of the 1950s, girls in black evening dresses and ruby red lipstick, heads tipped backwards as their laughs mingle with the blue smoke rising out of glass ashtrays? Okay, now close your eyes and listen to this: Are you in […]

Sometimes, without warning, despair and this sharp sense of missing you strikes. And then I have to stop whatever it is I am doing at the moment and just focus to will the pain away. And then when it abates for a while, I am left with acute loneliness and a hollow heart. Yet, hope […]

My family consists of a bunch of collectors. My dad collects books on missile systems and recipes, my middle sister collects old love letters from heartbroken boyfriends and dusty tacky figurines they insist on giving as gifts, my youngest sister collects art material like crayons and canvasses; I collect books, pens and cables, while my […]