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I am waiting for some life altering news to come my way. It’s all about a new experience, a change. Yet, seeing the way my luck goes, it is very hard to have expectations, to have hope. I know I will be extremely disappointed if the news is not positive and I will have to […]

Be Glee-Ful


I love Glee. Here’s why. In the past couple months, American Television has been giving me much needed exultant high-spirited joy. I have never been as entertained as I am when watching some of my favorite TV shows which have come out of Uncle Sam’s TV broadcast industry. One of the shows that not only […]

Tokyo, 2010


I just came back from Tokyo, and wow, what an experience it was. If I could, I would have walked, taken pictures, shopped, and taken in all the madness that is Tokyo all at the same time. I went to Tokyo on business and although it was a packed schedule, I managed to squeeze in […]

2 weeks ago, Bharat Gas decided not to give me my monthly gas cylinder. Or they forgot to. Something like that. I called up the distributor, and asked her to send the cylinder. And the nice lady that she is, she not only ‘forgot’ to note down my consumer number, she ‘forgot’ to send the […]

Creamy White Pasta. Recipe Coming Up!