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When I was in college, a thick layer of kajal, a spritz of perfume and a leaving my hair free and flowing constituted a ‘made up look.’ 6 years after, my best friend, Hen, introduced me to the world of mineral makeup and thus, my palate for makeup underwent a change to become something more […]

This post might contain spoilers so all you spoiler naysayers, take note. Are you gone? Last chance. Okay, shall we begin? I had my first taste of Star Trek when I was about 11 years old; I happened to watch an episode called Galaxy’s Child from Star Trek: The Next Generation. While I thought all […]

Some months ago, YouTube suggestions threw up something absolutely golden. It was a video by the Royal Opera House on the evolution of ballet and since then, there has been no looking back. I used to be a casual ballet follower, but now I am familiarizing myself with the art. And, that is a blog […]

Be Glee-Ful


I love Glee. Here’s why. In the past couple months, American Television has been giving me much needed exultant high-spirited joy. I have never been as entertained as I am when watching some of my favorite TV shows which have come out of Uncle Sam’s TV broadcast industry. One of the shows that not only […]

Simplify. Compartmentalize. Live happily. That’s my latest mantra. I have decided to create a simple Bucket List which is applicable for each week. I am more an in the moment than for the future kind of girl anyway. So, for September 29 to October 2, 2009: Go for a 1 hour walk if nothing else. […]

Film has provided fashion inspiration for audiences and fashion designers alike; costumes not only help create a character, but can spur real-life trends and runway looks. Click on the link below to see 15 of TCM’s 15 favorite fashion trendsetting movies: