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I was born a good 20+ years after the immensely significant landing of Man on the moon. But that did not stop imagination from growing rampant and having day dreams of one day discovering planets with life and other spell binding things. The death of Neil Armstrong just reminds me in the past 40 something […]

While the post mentions how Steve Jobs was notorious for not donating to charities, (which I think is over rated in any case, Greece was lent all this money with the current economic downtime in Europe and look how well that turned out), the post also brings to light how Apple has been changing the […]

I follow some bloggers and their daily lives as they talk about hearth, home, family and love in their blogs. Some particularly interesting bloggers in this list are Dooce, The Pioneer Woman, and Mihow; all very interesting in their own way. I especially love The Pioneer Woman, her beautiful pictures and her funny and engaging […]

I am proud to be part of a company that combines tradition with technology. That understands the need to keep history, the Arts, and Music alive with a strong supporting base in technology. The YouTube symphony is an example of being modern and using technology to drive the power of an age old human interest […]

2 weeks ago, Bharat Gas decided not to give me my monthly gas cylinder. Or they forgot to. Something like that. I called up the distributor, and asked her to send the cylinder. And the nice lady that she is, she not only ‘forgot’ to note down my consumer number, she ‘forgot’ to send the […]

So many names on my GTalk list. And I can’t ping even one of them at 3 am complaining about insomnia. Yet, there will be the usual hi what’s up instant messages that lose steam after the ‘nothing much.’ Non stop chatter on Twitter. A race to get as many followers as possible. A race […]