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Ever since I was a kid, I had this idea I would have a large friend circle and hang out and do lots of fun things together. To my 14 year old self, having lots of friends was the epitome of coolness and how other people perceived me. As time went along, my friend circle […]

Ferris Wheel


I once wrote a rather depressing poem about a Ferris wheel. It went something like: The abandoned ferris wheel Now sits in the corner of a dusty field Once, a thousand children would clutch their parents hands As they went free wheeling through the air That red Ferris wheel all lit up Proudly showing off […]

Joy is…


Getting a sudden window seat in a crowded bus. Finding out AdMob has been acquired by Google. I did jumping jacks all over my living room squealing ‘OMG I am going to get my old email back’ Listening to the Singapore Philharmonic begin the opening bars of the Star Wars theme. It gave me goosebumps. […]

I will admit I am very confused. I heard two songs the past couple days. One of them was about sex. No surprise there. It was nasty, with terrible degrading lyrics, disrespectful to women. The video had topless women who Wikipedia claims are super models, lolling around (on a side note, I don’t understand why […]

Late night bus rides help me think, especially when I am stuck with a problem. Letting someone else do the driving while I stare unseeing out the window, hardly stopping for little or no fellow riders – the world turns. And it is therapeutic. To all Singaporean bus drivers who can teach us a thing […]

And another.


It is a pool party and I am surrounded by handsome men from all parts of the world. But even if I am dancing, or swimming or having a tequila shot, it isn’t the same. For none of them are you.



  A good book, a beautifully brewed cup of Assam tea and crackers. Speaks of much loneliness than the perfect Saturday.

Shaadi Saga


My well meaning parents decided to helpfully guide me along the path of finding a nice ‘life partner’ by signing up (read: cash transaction) for one of those popular matrimonial sites. Initially, I thought to myself, ah what the heck, I am smart, well read, self aware, well traveled, funny, I work for a great […]

You smiled at a stranger? You gave up a seat for the elderly? You did not bargain with a roadside vendor? You thanked a waiter for his service? You bothered finding out the names of your cooks, drivers, domestic help? And their kids? When was the last time you ran with abandon? And got the […]

From the day I turned 26 last year, the friends at the Birthday table have changed. One of them from the previous table is getting married. I traveled to Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam. The one great love dumped me via text. And got married to someone else. I gave Bangalore a whirl, made a mess […]