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This angel fish belonged to a colleague of mine. Unfortunately, Lumpy the fish developed a rather cancerous tumor in the shape of a lump (hence the moniker). He passed away a month ago but he was quite a brave little fish. He battled on longer than we expected. Lump aside, he was quite a gorgeous […]



I wanted my first post of 2013 to mean something, but like all best laid plans, that did not happen. Now it is Jan 31 and I did not want January to go by without saying something. Currently, life has taken on a simple quality – I am focused on work, I am trying to […]

I don’t preach – but take this rather good piece of advice. Celebrate peace and love and please look out for each other. Happy Christmas.



  A good book, a beautifully brewed cup of Assam tea and crackers. Speaks of much loneliness than the perfect Saturday.

Lately, I have been not trying to fill up my days with company. I feel no emotional connection to any one, I have probably hurt and angered a lot of people because of my aloofness. The thing is, I am happier this way. Being a recluse suits me.

Shaadi Saga


My well meaning parents decided to helpfully guide me along the path of finding a nice ‘life partner’ by signing up (read: cash transaction) for one of those popular matrimonial sites. Initially, I thought to myself, ah what the heck, I am smart, well read, self aware, well traveled, funny, I work for a great […]

I went to Bangkok on a work trip but I managed to sneak in some temple time with my friends. Here’s a slideshow of the city I can call home, that’s closer to Singapore than Guwahati.

I had to wake up at an ungodly hour for a meeting a couple weeks ago. I was running late but I had to pause to take a couple photos of this beautiful sunrise. The skyscraper is what I pass on my way to Raffles MRT. It reminds me of how clean and organized Singapore […]


Sometimes it gets so fucking tough. How do people do it? How do you manage a job, hanging out with the family, laughing over silly jokes with your friends? Yearning for love, making money? Why does everything have to be won or achieved for some people, while for the others, it just falls into their […]

From the day I turned 26 last year, the friends at the Birthday table have changed. One of them from the previous table is getting married. I traveled to Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam. The one great love dumped me via text. And got married to someone else. I gave Bangalore a whirl, made a mess […]