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Everyone. Take a deep breath. And just chill. Seriously. It does not matter which religion or gym gets a piece of disputed land. In any case, you don’t get to build your house there. It does not matter whether the country’s Capital is all spruced for a sporting event. Give it 5 months tops. And […]

2 weeks ago, Bharat Gas decided not to give me my monthly gas cylinder. Or they forgot to. Something like that. I called up the distributor, and asked her to send the cylinder. And the nice lady that she is, she not only ‘forgot’ to note down my consumer number, she ‘forgot’ to send the […]

Much has been said about Indian Public Health Care after the recent swine flu break out. Although I haven’t yet contracted the disease, or met someone who has, and therefore haven’t had to go to a government hospital for testing, I can safely say that my experiences with public hospitals have never been negative. When […]