Naval Brat.

Theater Production Assistant.

Writer. Poet.

Beatles Lover.


Past Movie Producer.

Digital Evangelist.

Technology Junkie.

Future Oscar Winner.

Patient Lover.

Museum Piece.

Never Punctual.

Florentina Ariza.

I wear all my badges proudly.

Just trying to live here.

8 Responses to “About”

  1. 1 ah08

    How do I follow you babe ? (Alekhya)

  2. 2 rajat

    hi, read your posts. your words connect very well with me. keep postings

  3. Hi,

    My name is Devajyoti Ray and I am an artist. I love your blog and congratulate you for the same.

    I am having an exhibition of my paintings at Mumbai and would be grateful to you if you can put up a write-up on the same.

    I can send you some images from the same series for your perusal.

    Also I am publishing a few table-top calendars for some of my select clients. If you can send me your postal address, I can send 5 of them to you. You can use them or gift them to whomever you want.

    Please do send a reply


    Devajyoti Ray



    • 4 Tanushree

      Sorry I missed your comment – for some strange reason, it went to my spam folder. I would be happy to write something about your Art, hope it’s not too late. Also I live in Singapore so I am not sure if mailing the calendars across is feasible. But thank you so much for the generous offer!

  4. 5 asad

    why are you not writting?? i love your blog please keep wrtting

  5. 6 Hetal

    Hii..would be interested to talk to you. If you would give me your email address, I would like to discuss a project with you.

  6. woh..this looks like a real description…had a great time reading it friend…

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