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My first foray into adult relationships. A fling with a man I love.Life. Such it is. Heartbreaking. Advertisements


I want to know whether you have eaten on time whether your heart is still beating whether you have been sleeping well whether you are doing okay whether you are too stressed out And still you tell me you are going to Bangalore.


You gave me so much happiness and then all in the same breath you took it away and now I am not sure where does that leave me whether it is with fond memories or with even more passion that threatens to burn away my pain.


You called me disastrous and I will not take it lying down. You have made me very angry.

One night only


Yesterday. He had spoken with her on the phone as I listened to snippets of care and love. The suburban traffic whooshed past as I tried to rein in jealousy and anger. As I listened to Hyderabadi voices trying to offer comfort, hope slowly dissipated. Perhaps it wasn’t my night at all as I looked […]

A Broken Appointment You did not come,And marching Time drew on, and wore me numb.Yet less for loss of your dear presence thereThan that I thus found lacking in your makeThat high compassion which can overbearReluctance for pure lovingkindness’ sakeGrieved I, when, as the hope-hour stroked its sum,You did not come. You love not me,And […]