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I want you to tell me I am indispensable in your life, that you need me. The minute you say that without me having to force you, I will forgive and forget and quietly love you. Advertisements


I can’t stay mad at anyone! No matter how wronged I was, no matter how horrible the other person is. It seems I can forgive people within three days, four days max.


I want to curl up and die. I am scared to face a tomorrow without you.


I am the flawed person here. The one who is making all the mistakes. If I had any sense at all, I would walk away from you, from this destructive path we seem to have laid out for ourselves. No matter how many books tell me you are not that into me, no matter how […]


Sometimes the good things in life have been staring you right in the face all this while, but you chose not to look. You chose to look for things elsewhere, get your hopes, aspirations dashed and then return to your own backyard. But when you do discover the things you have been missing out on […]