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I don’t know youBut I want youAll the more for thatWords fall through meAnd always fool meAnd I can’t reactAnd games that never amountTo more than they’re meantWill play themselves out Take this sinking boat and point it homeWe’ve still got timeRaise your hopeful voice you have a choiceYou’ve made it now Falling slowly, eyes […]

I met an old acquaintance from Hyderabad a couple days ago. Life seemed to kick start again, and then I had to go and see the ex with his current arm candy. The kick start hit me right in the gut. Oh well. Here’s to another kick start!

Lost Causes


I once had this friend who had to go attend a classical music concert. He was a good friend. Strange I realize it now. Anyway, he goes to this concert, and knowing how much I wanted to go too, he calls me on my mobile, and says ‘Hold on.’ After a couple seconds, I can […]