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Last night in Tokyo (Boohoo) before we head back to Singapore. My sister is currently hogging the bathroom (she wants to have a bubble bath before boarding her long 16 hour flight via Air China LOL) so I thought I’d do something and put up bad pictures taken with my phone of the stuff I […]

We are on our way to Kyoto via the Shinkansen or the famed Bullet Train of Japan. I am going to try something new and live blog the day as we go along. We are currently hurtling along at 300 km/hr. The landscape constantly changes from city to country and back to city. The weather […]

We are currently in Tokyo and taking in the sights and sounds of this beautiful ancient city. Yesterday, we went to stopped in time Asakusa, a place with little hawker stores and much charm. We bought some fruit at this tiny fruit store, plums, the tiniest grapes bursting with flavor and some apples. What I […]

Useless Sayings


There are so many emo sayings out there accompanied by an even more emo picture, usually of a playful puppy or a girl crying on the cliff of a bloody mountain I decided to come up with my own useless saying. The photo I chose is so apt since these are jellyfish in red flight […]