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What kind of people have we become? We walk by without stopping.We can describe how someone’s brains got splattered over the road in gory detail without flinching.We forget friendships and remember our egos.We want promotions and hate those who get them.We can put some thousand songs on a palm sized machine and not listen even […]


Some people simply amuse me. They say such things that make you want to roar with laughter. Then you wish all kinds of horrible things to happen to them. To know what I am talking about, take a look at this:


I am a Googler. I work hard everyday, online advertising is my forte. The days roll into one another and the month passes by. Then when it’s the first of the month and I open my mail box, I see the QTP mail; The script. I look over it, search for familiar names and plays, […]

PeopleI need some advice. I want to buy this ipod and I am not sure whether I should.So please write in giving me a balanced view with equal pros and cons why I should buy it.Thanks!