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So it finally happened. He finally admitted he could never love me. Atleast I now know I am worthy of just a single sms to be told I am not, er, lovable. Funny thing, I did not feel the burning, piercing anger I was expecting. Instead it was just sadness for a while and then […]

You can be smart and single or dumb and double.


The Laurel wreaths are leaving usBut only for a whileFor if you look up at nightYou will never feel aloneYou will be under the same starry sky.

She spat me outbecause she never loved me I loved her. I loved her stony silencesand her long long walks I loved my pridefor I was a part of her She let me down with blodthornsthe cold, the cold But I let her down even more.



I take back my apologiesI take back my careOh to shoot me downwouldn’t you just dare? But now I am telling you my dearsI am burying all my fearsI give up trying to make you like meThe Googler will never say sorry or write such bad verse as this one.