So it finally happened. He finally admitted he could never love me. Atleast I now know I am worthy of just a single sms to be told I am not, er, lovable. Funny thing, I did not feel the burning, piercing anger I was expecting. Instead it was just sadness for a while and then nothing.

I do not even miss him, yet. Sometimes, I just sit and stare at my palms as if I could will the lines into twisting, turning, realigning. And as expected, they stare back. Time does not stand still however. And the clock will soon strike midnight.

I fell in love with a man who could not bring himself to respect me for the things I stood for. Strange things we do sometimes. Fall in love and then hope to make the chosen one in your life fall in love with you. But hope springs eternal, as he likes to say. Does it really? I would say nope. No chance. Hope pretty much forces you to hang on, wasting your time and energy over silly things.

Oh well, moving on.


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  1. 1 Shiv

    After readin ur post,it reminded me of something similar to my experience.
    I had just posted something on similar lines in my blog.Came across ur blog in orkut community

    Why do we misjudge in such situtations?

    Anyways..I wish & hope dat u spring back quickly bcoz as u know life is too short to spend on such things..

  2. 2 Anshuman Ghosh

    u r in for quite some experience … how soon can one get out of this largely depends on the individual ..

  3. 3 Asankhaya

    hmm seems liek u had an hell of experience

  4. 4 vekspace

    my take:: It is perfectly normal to fall in and out of love… the only reason why that happens is because it is just impossible to love someone without being loved.

    It is also good to know that you are moving on.


    PS:: You should consider allowing annonymous comments on your blog… it adds to the mystery… though there is also the risk that some of the comments could actually freak out the curious! 😀

  5. 5 claytonia vices

    Hoping that this guy would turn around is not hope, it is misplaced hope. What keeps us going is a hope of a higher kind… and a belief that we deserve something better… waht do u say?

  6. 6 maxdavinci



  7. 7 UnderScore1

    Hmm.. Must have been very hard for u. well.. Hope u have moved on wid ur life.

  8. 8 :-:S.P.I.R.I.T:-:

    Means “EXCELLENT” in East India…

  9. 9 claytonia vices

    I just forgot to mention, I myself have been through this too, but each time it is by a better person! LOL!!! Is that improvement? 😉

  10. 10 Venkatesh Sridhar

    Sorry to know that. But glad to know you are moving on.


  11. 11 wordmonkey

    well its a new year – good time to move on
    to claytonia – every improvement counts a I guess

  12. 12 Parth

    hey T, hope u r doing well. write away all that u think. i’ll wait n read..

  13. 13 Vagabondela

    Tan-oooo… nice blog.

    Btw, in a relationship I think love works both ways. If it doesnt… then it isnt worth the extra mile anyway. You havnt lost out on it, you just know it wasnt what you thought it was hon.

    ; )

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