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Fare thee well


I really need to troubleshoot an urgent advertiser account. But I am writing this. Frowning in thought. The memories do not crowd in. Nor do they rush past. They mostly just emerge from their hiding places. The good and the bad. You get a sneak peek and they vanish. Not forever. But they vanish into […]

To my quin ai deI remember how you taught me to gulp down my glass of milk without any fuss.‘Shut your eyes tightly, press your nose, and drink up!’And how you cheered me on during my first maiden jump from the first floor parapet, looking terrified and like the little kid that you were. I […]


I have decided I am going to be a happier person. Enough of melodrama and feeling sorry for myself. Enough of waiting for ‘The Man’ to come and whisper Shakespearean sonnets in my ear. Enough of wanting some men to realize I have grown up and am no longer a gawkish, over enthusiastic teenager. Enough […]