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The Ring


They are such children really. She is only 23. And YetYet they are getting married. Theirs is a quiet gentle passionate maddening love. And as he concentrates, the veins in his neck tense as if in anticipation, as he slowly slipes the heavy dull ring over her right ring finger. And she smiles at nothing […]

I am pissed.


– because I hated my 23rd birthday– because I am in love with only unavailable men– because some people are such know it alls– because I am stuck in a job that isn’t letting me get anywhere– because the man I am most loyal to wishes other people on their birthdays even when he doesn’t […]



I discovered loyalty. Strong heady loyalty. Nothing can make me think otherwise loyalty. I will cover for you because I want you to shine loyalty. Defending till the last drop of blood has been shed loyalty. You make me so mad but I know you do the things that you do for a good reason […]