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Snatches of Joy


These snatches of joy; A flighty caress, A quick kiss goodbye, A bird calling, A starry night, A train arriving, A lovers walk, Rain drop sting, As it all implodes within These snatches of joy Come and go. Advertisements


Subash called today…and we actually had a long conversation on life, love and literature….there were moments of awkwardness especially when he kept harping on the fact that I never fail to complain about his incredibly irritating habit of calling me when he is at the airport, to say bye bye and not before. I sounded […]


The uncle living in the ground floor appartment of the adjacent building died this morning. He was in his thirties…cancer they said. I did not know him too well…except that he had recently bought a new palio. I saw the new cherry red palio pull up…and his old father and young wife walk into the […]


I had an epiphanic moment today…was solving some sums on probability and then ding! I had this sudden moment of clarity…what the hell was I doing studying for an MBA exam when all I really wanted to do was to write pages on modern literature and Eliot? But then again, had a chat with Mrugank…The […]


What a day…went to print my form for the Symbiosis exam….it was mentioned on the web site that the print out had to be authenticated by ICICI….walked to ICICI from the British Council….and guess what? The bank very high handedly says Oh, but we have no intimation from the college for this authentication…no one could […]


So after arguing with a friend about what do we call each other’s blogs, and finding a sense of fulfillment…I must say that today was one very long day. Nothing life altering happened…and the saddest thing is that life goes on. Met Neha in the bus today while returning from CAT classes….man, that girl is […]


Sushi. Highly over rated. Like sex…I went to this high class restaurant and they had smoked salmon…I did not really know that the smoked salmon happened to be raw smoked salmon…so there went a huge dollop of raw fish into my mouth…chewing happened…and mmm…I quite liked it…thinking that the fish was perfectly cooked and all […]