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When lovers worship heavens they are worshipping a lack of distance Copywright – Vivek Tejuja (2004 – 2008) Advertisements

I am posting this comment which I received on one of my pieces… Pravi said… this expression of urs gives a picture tht somewhere u feel urself to be inferior, in someway or other…say being a ‘woman’.or is it some ppl around u, who r makin u feel like tht?Did u ever heard/read a man […]

This paper attempts to outline some of the characteristic features of Heritage Cinema, with an analysis of the Merchant – Ivory Production; Howards End. Howards End, one of the best known and most commercially successful heritage films, was released in 1992. With its attention to period detail, its self consciously artistic production values, relatively conventional […]


We all pretend to be such mature adults, capable of serious discussion without injury, and the very next minute we are deleting, abusing and hating. Very mature indeed. Ashutosh, if this makes you feel any better – I think IIT’ians are very nice people and they are highly stimulating material. Vivek , if you are […]


I watched 5 movies today. They are (in no particular order) – Rebecca (Alfred Hitchcock) Psycho Rosemary’s Baby The Exorcist The Invasion of the Body Snatchers (the 50’s version) All the movies had the same thread….of horror and suspense…Rosemary’s Baby is my favorite so far. I do not particularly like Hitchcock so Psycho and Rebecca […]

I remember how you taught me to gulp down my glass of milk without any fuss. ‘Shut your eyes tightly, press your nose, and drink up!’ And how you cheered me on during my first maiden jump from the first floor parapet, looking terrified and like the little kid that you were. I remember you […]